In This Place

February 7, 2011
we met at an empty lunch table
because we had no where else to be
in this place called high school
you, because no one knew you
me, because everyone knew me

and in that simple act
of sitting alone together
and enjoying the time,
we are best friends

you asked me if I believed
in the lochness monster that day
I asked you if you believed
in angels

maybe because those
were the days when writing
sitting with no g
made you a country singer,
and when she said pick a partner
we would have someone
to look to
and everyone would be in awe
of what we could do

even though you’ll be popular
and I’ll just get nerdier
even though I become a diving jock,
and you were mobbed
on Hug a Band Geek Day,
we are best friends

because we’re the kind of people
who are meant to be pair skaters
or doubles tennis players;
you know me in silence
because I’m just like you but
completely opposite

because ever though I don’t
scratch the surface on your emotions
I understand as I hold you on my shoulder

because that may have
been the moment I knew
I couldn’t do it all alone

because I can’t imagine
being here in this place
where I’d stumble in half-dead
on an early morning
but you’d already be there
and I’d get a little more life
back as a habitual “dude…”
greets me

here in this place where
we have a dysfunctional clock
named after your ex

here without you

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