What happens when the calender runs out?

February 13, 2011
What happens when the calendar runs out?
When the sun goes down
And the year is done
And the plants are gone
And new ones don’t sprout?
What happens when it’s 12 am?
And the cravings are back
And you get out of bed
And the windows are open,
And the heater is dead?
What happens when the prayers are done?
And we say “amen”
And we tuck in our little ones
And we do it again?
What happens if we don’t?
If we sit in our warmth
And we think of a better place
One with no car payments,
One with no nagging
One with warmer blankets
One with less baggage
What happens if you run out of paint?
And the canvas is wet
And the drops run down
And the pretty is ruined
And the effort is gone?
What happens if we don’t wipe our feet?
And we stain the carpet
And we try to clean
But the stain has sunk in?
What happens when they come home?
And see the mess
And see the things
We have not done?
What happens when we miss our flight?
And there’s people waiting,
But not for us
And the children rejoice
And the friends hug and kiss
And the cold food is waiting
But not for us?
What happens when we forget to reply?
And the message is waiting
And the keyboard is still
And the minutes pass by
And the cursor is still
And the minutes pass by?
What happens when you’re alone?
And the music is playing
And the rest is unheard
And the numbers are wrong
And the song is over
And the beat is off
And you feel alone
And the water is running
And you let it pour
And hot turns to cold
And you let it pour?
What happens when the snow turns to ice?
And you’re stuck at home
And the cars are all monsters
And the pizza is warm
And the company is short
And the movies are long?
What happens when you run out of breath?
And you reach the cliff
And the bear is behind you
And the jaws are approaching
And the edge is eroding
And the trees are smudging
And the numbers are wrong
And the numbers are wrong?
What happens when it’s gone?

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Sasha.Steinmuller said...
May 8, 2011 at 8:31 pm
Umm what happens when the calender runs out? I know now, it wins state competition in young georgia authors! :D thanks to all who encouraged me to write, and thanks to all who were there with me through it all. :) I love ya'll!
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