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February 13, 2011
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For every step you take
I take two
For every wish and Dream
You help make come true

For every spark you make fly
For every mountain you help move
For every you tear you catch in time
For every prayer God listens to

For every tree you’ve helped me climb
For every battle you’ve helped me fight
For every knight in shining armor
You shined the most bright

For every song that caught the wind
You were there to listen
For every lesson you helped me learn
For every time you were my barrier

You are the heart on my sleeve
You are the earth underneath me
You are the man on the moon
You are the hope that pushes me through
You are my hero and who I look up to

You are my plan that is in store
You are the reason worth fighting for
You are the colors spread across the page
You are the light shining on that stage

You are the wild magnolias, blooming in the spring
You are the beat of a butterfly’s wing

For every breath you breath
I hope you breath one more
Because it isn’t your time
And there’s a world to explore

Please walk me down the isle
And be there when i need you most
Be the papa to my child
And the I’ll be there when you grey and old

I’ll always be your little girl
Even when were miles apart
Daddy you are my whole world
And a tattoo across my heart

So before God takes you away
And your time on earth is through
There’s just three more words to say
And they are “ I Love You”.

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