February 13, 2011
When you look at a star in the sky, what do you really see?
I see signs that show that we are still together even though you’re far away.
When you see the sun set perfectly on the horizon, what do you really see?
I see that even when the day ends, I know we are perfect no matter what.
When you see a flower bloom, what do you really see?
I see our love blossom.
When you look at me, what do you really see?
Well, when I look at you I see someone who is perfect, someone I want to spend my whole life with, someone who makes me feel special every time we’re together. When I see you, I see my life, and the only one who has my heart.

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Frankie34 said...
Mar. 6, 2011 at 2:12 pm
This is veryyy good!!! this is very inspirational
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