Why is it so hard?

February 12, 2011
By MirandaBug BRONZE, Jeffersonvlle, Indiana
MirandaBug BRONZE, Jeffersonvlle, Indiana
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If I don't care, and you don't care.
Then why is it so hard?
Or is it easy. And we are just making it hard?
Hmm, or MAYBE we are making it hard on purpose?
OR maybe we do care.
That's a knee slapper
Or mabybe its all in my head?
Maybe your not even real?
Hmmmmm, lots of questions. NO answers.
I say I care.
Hmm, do I?
HEY! Now we are getting some answers.
I can't stand the silence.
Are you even there...on the other side?
Your voice says "Yes"
But the answer is No.
And I know this to be true.
But my heart beilives the voice.
Is my heart right to follow the tiny light at the end of the long and dark tunnel?
Here we go with the un-answered questions!
Life doesn't have all the answers.
We all live blind to reality.
We put on a Blind fold becuase we are scared of reality.
And most people never even attemt to take the blind fold off.
An this leads to heartbreak.
But heartbreak leads to a stronger heart when it heals.
Wait, Is a heart even capitpal of healing?
Even more questionable...Can a heart break from mearly one persons doing?
Who cares?
If I don't care, And you don't care.
Then why is it so hard?

The author's comments:
Emotions bring out the best of my work :D

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