You Can Never Escape

February 12, 2011
There are many feelings behind one kiss
Many meanings behind one word
Many secrets behind one's lips.

Complications and obstacles are always involved,
Sucking out all the happiness in a once sweet moment.

One wrong move
One wrong gesture
One wrong act
And it's all over.

All of what you thought would last forever,
All that you thought would make the bad in your dark world go away
Instead just completely vanishes as if it never even existed.

You think of how undeserving you are of this
Of all the things that don't make sense
Everything that you wish had never happened.

One thing you know is for sure
Wishing will get you no where
And nothing can change the past
What is done cannot be undone
All you can do now is continue to wander through your dark world
The one that should have already disappeared
The one that has imprisoned you your whole life
The one you can never escape.

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