Dark Corners

February 22, 2011

Your mind is void of thought
for once the silence is eerie,
the black clouds that float through
are your first warning signs
through your ears,
wrapping themselves around your brain
tightening, suffocating
float down to pierce your
fast beating heart
the black liquid pours,
down down down
straight down into the dark abyss,
you cry and scream and beg
the harsh sun that once blinded you
protected you
is gone.
You are alone.
Thoughts that buried deep,
- alive
No running, no escape.
Time to face the person that you hide.

The author's comments:
Whilst we spend most of our time escaping reality.. reading, music, drugs etc
there are moments in which, at night, you are no longer able to suppress thoughts you've been beating down.
this is why I like nighttime best, it's the most truthful (yet sometimes brutal) time of the day.

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