Who Am I? Who Are You?

February 7, 2011
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I am a person who is aware that I might not really no myself
I am the girl who believes she can control the wind
I am the person you walk by in the street
I am the person who came from a mother who is green and her eyes are oh so blue
I am a child sitting on the carpet playing with the ribbon in my hair
I am the student eager to learn, waiting for excitement everywhere
I am a friend waiting to listen
I am the big sister who protects her younger siblings
I am the daughter who sits by her parents when they are in need
I am the child who loves to much and cares too little
I am the hard worker who works for what she wants
I am the lover that is hard to understand
I am me

You are the person who ridicules my difference
You are someone who dislikes me
You are a person who looks at everything one way and never tries to think of other things
You are a person who lives an enclosed life
You are the person who branded me
You are my downfall
You are my crasher
You are the hater
You are a zombie
You can care less about how someone feels
You can't feel for another persons feelings
You don't mind your own business
You want to hate and bully someone because they stand up for themselves
You are the nerd, the a-hole, the bama, the idiot, and every other name you have called any other person
You are the be-damned child who makes another's life miserable

Can you stand the truth about you?
Can I stand the truth about me?
Can anyone stand the truth of anything?
Pleasant or not there is always good reasoning...

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