Memories of Growing Up

February 7, 2011
By ski_mayday BRONZE, Uhrichsville, Ohio
ski_mayday BRONZE, Uhrichsville, Ohio
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*"A true friend reaches for your hand, and touches your heart."
*"Forever is composed of nows." -Emily Dickinson
*"If music be the food of love, then play on." -William Shakespeare

The pain in growing up
Is like the clap of thunder on a gloomy day.
The world of the young is innocent,
But innocence turns into knowledge.
And you see the whole world
In a light that’s not so bright.

The easiest of times in the purity of youth
When a big blue blanket brought the brightest beam.
Your biggest fear was the darkness of the indigo night.
And small, sure smiles sang the sparkle of a song,
When love still had the simplest of meanings.

The pain in growing up is a stab in the heart,
The betrayal of your closest “friend”,
The heartbreak of your first love.
In a world where nothing feels right,
All hope will seem lost; all hope will seem forgotten.

But there is more than the pain of growing up.
There is the pride in taking off your training wheels,
The joy in a shiny new toy,
The peace in a night with your family,
The rush of your first love.
Because the truth in growing up is that we all go through it.

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