Big Comfy Chair

February 7, 2011
As I lay here, in my favorite, big comfy, chair,
I doze off...
All of my memories, good and bad,
begin to blare through my head.
The best memories are those that came first.
The memories of my mom rocking me to sleep,
and I'd be out like a light.
Back when I was too young and oblivious to see the troubles of the world,
and when friends didn't tell your deepest, darkest, most dangerous secrets.
One of the greatest feelings in life
is knowing that people care about you.
That's why, when I'm down,
I think of the texts I receive from my beloved, best buds
reminding me that they love me.
When I was a little girl,
I used to nap with my dog, Taz.
It was one of the few places I actually felt secure.
Taz was my blanket on a cold night.
The only other place I truly felt safe back then
was the softball field.
But, unlike Taz, I still have the softball field...

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