February 3, 2011
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I’m not lonely
I swear
I’m a girl
I swear
I’m far from perfect
I play video games
I don’t like being with my family
Because all they do is lecture
All they do is judge
All they do is make fun of
All they do is correct
So it seems
I don’t have inspiration
To be the best
Not yet
Hopefully one day
I can find it in my chest
So then he won’t judge me
So I’m good enough for him
Or even good enough for her
I’m sorry I’m not
Your perfect little girl
That you always wanted
That you thought I’d be
With all the friends
And the four point O
And the perfect boyfriend
That does everything right
And the best at everything I did
Then I would partly
Be like my brother
Who was the popular one
Who had good grades
Who was great at what he did
Did I mention comparing?
Well they might not say it to my face
But I can tell
Tell that they’re thinking it
That I might just be
For now
A disappointment
That I might not meet
Their standards

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