Leaden Limbs

February 3, 2011
Leaden limbs leave me paralyzed.
Visions of nothingness dance before my eyes.
The ground has collapsed before me,
The weight of the world has forced me to my knees.
I struggle to see the light,
Through the shroud of all these lies

Losing myself, being swept away,
Death is beckoning, begging me to come and play.
I can’t resist temptation.
I flirt with disaster, to regain sensation.
Apathy is taking over,
My life lacks reason to stay.

I strain against my weak tethers,
All the bonds that hold me, I wish to sever.
They just won’t break, ever constraining.
The dark force within me refuses taming.
If all these bonds could be broken,
Away I’d float, a feather.

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