Simple Beauty

February 6, 2011
Her beauty is uncompareable
The raidiance of 100 suns in the midst of darkness
Like a lone star glowing in the ebony veil wearing it to illuminate the everlasting night
Simple beams of light sticking to her face
Leaving no evil crevice
Her laugh has a ring or tone which rivals that of a childs
A deep jovial sound full of compasion
Light as the wind and just as soft
Her voice has a purity that melts into your very soul
But her eyes they have a magical quality to them
When you glance into them your worries seem to vanish
Its as if her eyes can always find the soulution
They make you feel . . . at ease
Her velvet hair falls smoothly upon her shoulders
And blows in the wind
Her lips ever smooth
Yet her intellect is darkened
And she cannot see even her own beauty
So I weep for her
The perfect girl has lost her true perfection
But she will forever keep her simple beauty

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