February 4, 2011
By Amanda-Amata-Grace GOLD, Melrose, Massachusetts
Amanda-Amata-Grace GOLD, Melrose, Massachusetts
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we're so hungry.
hungry for freedom,
hungry for justice,
hungry for the truth,
and for salvation.
hungry for something they will not give to us.

we're so thirsty.
thirsty for connection,
thirsty for emotion,
and satisfaction.
something that our soul is parched for.

we're so empty.
empty of meaning,
empty of purpose,
devoid of direction,
and of true happiness.

we're so starving.
Can you see us?
we're so starving.
Don't you hear us?
we're so starving.
Can't you help us, give us something to cling to?

we're so starving.

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