Life with Pain

February 19, 2011
By Whats.The.Purpose BRONZE, Saukville, Wisconsin
Whats.The.Purpose BRONZE, Saukville, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
If you judge people, you have no time to love them

You will never see the tears you cause me to shed
Nor will you see the pain you have caused
I bottle up my emotions eventual leading to
The self implosion of my world

I was taught growing up to keep a stiff upper lip
To not show your emotions to others
But instead to keep them inside
Burdening you with them forever

I never quite understood why society was like this
Was it bad to show pain and sadness
Did this make you any less of a person
Why did you have to keep up a painless facade

When deep down your writhing in pain
Each night wishing that it would all just end
To finally release you from the chains of society
And its views on the expression of emotion

When I'm gone will it then be OK to show emotion
Or will everyone keep a stiff upper lip
When they see the pain that caused this to happen
Who among you would have the courage to cry

For only when we realize the error of our ways
Will we be able to live as free individuals
No longer looked down upon
Just because we can feel emotions.

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