Sat on His Steps

February 3, 2011
As the young man sat on his steps he waited for a sign
that his life would move
but he never moved
and he crumbled there like bread crumbs his life represented.
He stayed there cradled by time itself
dropped and never grew wings to fly.
Sucked into history without a mark on any timeline.
Never conquering the hourglass of life,
waiting for something to come that never came.
I was so uneasy about his decision,
I sat down next to him
and simply said “waiting is wasting your future,”
He looked past me , barely acknowledging my presence.
I continued. “Your future is becoming your past,
as you continually lie to yourself that your far future lies ahead,”
and he looked at me with murky eyes
and whispered “lies, you’ll never reach the horizon, you’ll never be ahead of the future,” Grabbing a hold of his arm I showed him the future,
the a past,
the present
and made a mark on history with him.
I showed him how every moment of life is a grand of sand;
you’ll never know how long you have.
I showed him how to live every moment
and yet he crouched back to his seat
and he said “even then we still grow old, fighting time is wasting time.”
“but that is all I can do” I responded
and flew into the race of life speeding by,
praying I would finish victoriously
while he stayed in the back waiting
to be sucked up by the black hole of time.

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