In the Tune

February 3, 2011
The echo of her terror
haunting her like a song
the chorus, a sonnet of mishaps and misfortunes
Her heart beating on the chords of the violin
being played faster and faster
the strings snap
she’s falling farther and farther
the fingers of time wearing down
loosing their grasp on the bow
The rhythm mocking her moves
her dancing like fluid
only she
everyone can see her arms waving her body shaking, shivering and twirling
lost in the tornado of the tune
her turmoil’s spinning her till she’s lost
there’s nothing for her to do
she’s trapped in her desperate hopes
lost in the want for something more
where the violin player controls her moves
like a puppet master and his keys
keys of the piano, strumming his tune
time moves on, but she’s lost in the tune
nowhere to turn, it’s over you see
for her as the strings break and the keys fall off
her time is through
kicked off the stage
her act is over, but she keeps dancing
lost in the rhythm of the song

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