Crimson Tears

February 3, 2011
dreams deep within the mind
not of fear or pain
but from somewhere left far behind
not sure from where they came
neither people nor places
Voices with no faces

a hurt so great
a peace sublime
The wounds that were dashed
like checks were cashed
they opened the door
for my soul to pour
out the man i want to be

for each his own
to me i've mine
crimpson tears
and heart divine

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annelindy said...
May 2, 2011 at 11:56 am

This is amazing, Brandon. An interesting way to put words to the pain in life, and coming from a guy's perspective. Keep writing!

But I'd also like to add that, even though life seems terribly hopeless at times (believ me, I've known that very well), there's always hope! For that I am confident :)

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