5 days

February 3, 2011
I saw your face
Your eyes sparkled in the light
You turned around and saw me
I glimpsed back and you stared at me
I felt just then my heart fluttered

I walked by slowly but dared not to look at your face
You called me over and ask the question
I thought with confusion and said yes
The 2 days went on and you held my hand
And wrapped your arms around me
You called me beautiful and I thought you meant it

We sat there is silence there on the bench
Then you put your arm around me and got to the point
You asked the stupidest question I’ve ever heard in my life
Can I get a kiss?
I turned to you with big open eyes I wish you could read my mind
Why ask a question when you could just do it
I said no and we had a silent argument
I walked away because I knew I was unwelcomed
Even in your eyes

You sent a friend over and just then
We were over
I was fine with it sure I didn’t mind
But yet I shed a tear only I saw and can you believe
This only happened in 5 days

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