Missing you

February 3, 2011
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Today i wake,
My eyes heavy with hidden tears,
Yesterdays tragedies whisper softly in my ear,
I try so hard to swallow the pain,
but deep down i know your gone,
Why now? You promised me we would sing one last song,
We all sit silent now watching the door,
Your mom wonders how your laughter is no more,
The video in the background is of you and your small childhood,
You knew the risk,
So small you were but still you told them "Let me try,"
Death's lullaby fills the room,
A chill runs down my spin,
Oh my friend I know you need me to let you go,
I will miss you so,
So now I walk to the door,
I feel the breeze,
I know its you hugging me goodbye,
So now I whisper goodbye to you,
I know this is our last goodbye and hello for I do not belong where the angles glow.

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