My love for you is no more

February 3, 2011
By Carolynn Jimenez BRONZE, Maryland Heights, Missouri
Carolynn Jimenez BRONZE, Maryland Heights, Missouri
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You stood there like I couldn't’t see you.
You talked like I couldn't't hear you.
Well I knew you could see every tear I cried.
But you never showed any sign of distress.
I know you heard every word I said to you about you.
But you never paid attention.
You watched me as I fell to the grounded when you stomped all over me.
You stood there in my tears.
You never cared.
You hurt me because you wanted to,
Not because you had to.
You always thought I was going to cheat because you cheated.
You blamed me.
Well I blame you.
We always fought.
But we also had some fun.
You said you loved me.
You said you used me.
I say you don't know how you felt about me.
I say you used me.
I say you didn't want to be single your first year in high school,
so you dated me.
Then you started making lots of friends,
And started liking other girls.
Out of all the lies you told me "I love you" was the one I believed the most.
When you left I lost a huge part of me.
I know I will never love anybody as much as I loved you,
Because you were my first love.
I told everybody I was over you.
Which at the time I was,
But as time went by you crossed my mind several times.
I'm not gonna say sorry for loving you.
I'm not gonna say sorry for fighting for you over and over again.
I thought we belonged together
but my mind has changed.
No matter how many times you say you hate me,
I will always love you.
You watched as my heart broke
you didn't seem to care.
Should I blame you?
Probably not.
Do I?
Yes I do and I probably always will.
You are always going to be a part of me even if I'm not apart of you.
I begged you to stay but I realized it wasn't my place to stop you.
You were happier without me.
What's funny is that when I remember being with you I hardly remember the bad times.
I pretty much only remember the good times.
Even if those good times where when we were just friends.
I don't even know why I tried so hard to keep somebody who didn't want me.
Now that I look back, I realize that pretty much everybody was against us dating, but we still did it.
Wow I still remember Rena and I fighting over you.
One time while we were fighting your favorite song (which at the time was "The Reason" by Hoobastank) came on.
I ran into the bathroom crying because you chose her over me...
Well now that I'm crying I'm going to stop writing....bye.

The author's comments:
This was written to my ex boyfriend whom i have been inlove with since eigth grade

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