The Mapmaker

February 3, 2011
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The map maker made a map
And on it he charted everything out
With a red ink pen
On a blank sheet
This, I must say, was quite a feat

Each person had a distinct path
One to follow
One that would last
They would all end up at the same place in time
As long as their footsteps never wondered off the red line

“Guide them” he said to the angels
I fear that some of the dangers
They encounter in life might make them lose their way
And when that happens
They must turn to me

“I wish I had a map”
The girl thought to herself
I wish I had everything figured out
I wish I could just believe
In what God has laid out for me

But I have no compass to guide the way!
And I get more and more scared every day!

She looked up at the starry night sky
And the beauty of the night made her cry
And at that moment she knew
It would be okay to let go
And just follow

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