The Great Unknown

February 3, 2011
Sink or swim they tell me
Go fast or go slow
They give me no direction
When to stop or when to go
They lead through dark alleys
And run me up a tree
Lock me in a closet
And throw away the key
I ask
Where do I go now?
Lost dazed and confused
They stare at me impatiently
Well go ahead and choose…

…And So I choose a path of course

with a long and winding road
one with many twists and turns
to carry a great load

And here they come around again
In a disapproving state
Your wrong for choosing that you know
All you’ll do is wait

You’ll wait for that promotion
That may just never come
And that degree you hold so preciously
Will be worth slim to none

You need something recession proof
Something people want
Something that will earn you money
Something you can flaunt

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