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February 5, 2011
By jesse.jay PLATINUM, Kissimmee, Florida
jesse.jay PLATINUM, Kissimmee, Florida
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life goes on

You left me, you didn't care. You said I was worthless, you said no one would care. I cry every night and wonder what I did wrong but instead all I could do is listen to a song. It tells of my sorrow and how alone I truly feel, but he's always there and I never see, you have blinded me. You told me I was weak if I let anyone see me cry, you said love wasn't real, and life was hard. I took your words and lived by them and now here I am alone, defeated, destroyed as you always were. When I turn I see no one because you said I must stand alone and be strong. But what do you consider strong? because I may stand alone, shed no visible tears, and believe no fairy tail. But I cry alone every night with no one there ever and no heart to be broken, but it feels more like a death sentence then ever before and just how do I get back from here?

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