February 5, 2011
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I thought I was immune to your lies, but clearly I'm not. The lies are beginning to cut me, and my anger is spilling out. The rage makes me just want to rearrange your face so I wont have to see the lies when I look at you. The weakness won't allow me to let the rage take over because I'm too stupid to realize that the lies will continue and that you don't love me at all. Don't you understand how it feels to be so hurt that you're angry beyond the edge? That you can't control your thoughts but whenever you see them you can't seem to walk away? That your happy to be with them and when you hear the next lie your heart dies a little more and the pain it brings you is unbearable? Well, if you get inside my mind and feel what I feel when I'm with you and when you lie in my face, you'll know what it is to want to hurt someone else to keep the one that's hurting you close.

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