At Night

February 5, 2011
At night when you lie awake
do you envision another place.
When darkness falls and dreams arise
where do they take you?

In the night is there peace?
Where do the fantasies rest?
Where is your heart delight?

At night do we fix our wrong?
Do we rearrange the puzzle
In the place that only last seconds is there love?

Do you hold who you wish to hold?
Is love as a dream love at all?
Is it worth the fake just to be with who you love?
Can the fabricated arms of the night love
the same as the ones in reality?

When we dream is all well?
Does the pain vanish?
Is the void filled?
Do you cancel out the eternal blank?
Does you heart not yearn to be loved?
Are all the insecurities gone?
Is the fear conquered.

At night who are we?
Is it who we wish to be?
Do we love who we wish to love?

At night who really lives?
Who really loves?

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Live_Laugh_Love said...
Feb. 26, 2011 at 6:06 pm
this is awsome!! they're the sort of things you really do ask yourself at night. keep writing!!!
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