You and Me

February 5, 2011
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So you watch me, your eyes pointed slightly up
You think I don’t notice
It’s nice, to watch you
Watching me.

I pull my head down, keep writing
About Sumerian civilization because
That’s what you want
You’re smiling, now, at the way I dot my i’s,
Because they look just like you do them, but you don’t
Remember that.

My friends, they notice, too
And they smile and laugh and
Pass notes with your name, written in
Pink with hearts

When the bell rings, you wait for me
To stand up with your hair falling over your eye
You glance at me to check I’m coming over
So you can relax your shoulders, perfect your shrug
And act like you’re talking to your friend
About hockey

Oh, you
Are so sweet when you
Tilt your mouth like that.
You smile at me when I look into your eyes and
You act like you weren’t waiting for me
And I try not to
Smile back

I smile and
You smile and
Lean in and
Kiss me, right in front of the teacher.
She smiles, too, and I suppose she is remembering
What it was like
To have to say
No, thanks.

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