February 1, 2011
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violently cold.
the wind whips at your hair.
the icy air makes your eyes water.
the chill turns your hands red with numbness.
the snow falls onto your eyelashes, crystalizing them.

the temperature is two faced.
Mondays’ a summer breeze,
Tuesday brings back the winter burn.
the soggy grass squishes under your shoes.
the rain attacks your hair.

scorching hot.
the sun beats down on the back of your head.
the chlorine tints your hair green.
the popsicle freezes the free thoughts in your mind.
the wind is just a puff of warm, comfortable air.

pleasantly brisk.
the atmosphere turns your cheeks pink.
the scarf wrapped snuggly around your neck nearly chokes.
the thin mittens disable your fingers.
the crispy leaves crack under your weight.

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