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They Don't Know

February 1, 2011
By MadRadd BRONZE, Hilbert, Wisconsin
MadRadd BRONZE, Hilbert, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
~How do u expect anyone to love you, if you dont love yourself?
~There's always that special someone, no matter what they do to you, you just can't let them go.
~Live, Laugh, Love <3
~I'd rather be hurt by the truth, then protected by a lie.

Some people may ask
wy you are still
with this person,
but they don't
know how you
feel about eachother.
They don't know
what he says
to you late at night.
Theu don't know
about anything that
concers you two.
If you love the
person don't listen
to waht otehr people
have to say.

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