Drink Heartbreak

February 1, 2011
By dramachick GOLD, Annandale, Virginia
dramachick GOLD, Annandale, Virginia
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The quickest way to a man's heart really is through his stomach, that way you don't have to chop through the pesky ribcage.

Come to me love and drink with me
In a toast to memory
Pick any bottle, they all the taste the same
There’s only one flavor
One label; your name
How does it taste? Good?
Good. It shouldn't.
It’s poison is it not?
Swallowing fire over the lump in your throat
Clinging to reasons you long ago forgot
I propose a toast
Look at me love and drink with me.

Here’s to me and here’s to you.
Here’s to finding someone new
Here’s to love and what we were
Here’s to me watching you with her

Stay with me love and drink with me
In a toast to broken hearts
Pick any memory; they’ll all make you sick
Taste your own medicine
Drink it down quick
Are you alright? No?
Right. Trust me I know.
It gets harder to take
The more you avoid it, the longer you wait
The harder it is to drink heartbreak.
I propose a plan
Look at me love and listen

Here’s my envy turned to greed
Here’s to love replaced by need
Here’s to “friendship” “playing nice”
Here’s me heeding your advice

Here’s what you said love, I remember.
These were your words of comfort
I’m sorry I hurt you. You’ll find someone else
I stepped onto the sidelines
I stood by myself
Is there anyone else? Yes.
Yes, I’ve found someone.
I’ve found someone who sees in me
What you saw, but then forgot to see
I propose a toast
Look at me love and drink to me

Here’s to me and here’s to you
Here’s to your prophecy come true
Here’s to acceptance, moving on
Here’s to you watching me with John

I’m leaving you love, as you left me.
There will be no more toasts to you
Taste your own medicine, drink the poison
These bottles are yours now
Do what you will
Will you drink them? Maybe
Maybe I don’t care anymore
I’ve healed myself now and I’m strong
Stronger even then I was before
You were the one who was wrong
You propose a toast now
Drink heartbreak love, and think of me

The author's comments:
Watching my ex with his new girlfriend was like swallowing poison. When I told him this he responded that I would build up a tolerance. Now I have a new boyfriend and it's his turn to drink heartbreak. I hope this poem will show other girls that it really does get better.

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