Untold Story

February 1, 2011
-& Behind every pretty face is a silent story lingering , waiting to be told before times grow old. Hidden in the crest of her soul is a girl waiting to be loved but afraid to let it be known. Lurking around in her everyday thoughts are hopes and dreams unseen. If you look deep into her eyes you’ll find the treasures that were once said to be lies. Hesitant are the words spoken from her lips when she feels your delicate touch. Uncertain are her thoughts when she hears your voice. Determined is her heart that she’ll be brought to you. Nervously she attempts to tell you the feelings she keeps hidden behind her silent story. Afraid of the opinion that may be spoken she holds back the emotions , that even through your devotion , the pain may still be awoken. Wrapped yet again in the depths of her mind, She’ll wait patiently until she feels your presence bringing her the love that was once a memory of happiness.

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