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Empty Echos

January 27, 2011
By Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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Oil is sparse
There isn't enough
Not for more then a week

The nights are even colder
The days are even shorter
And the tanks are even emptier

Without gas work is hard
But work has to be done
It can’t end not until your last breath

Every drop is important
Every drop matter to the council
Nothing can be wasted

The pipes are empty
There is nothing flowing
Our village is not a priority

The pipes that stretch for miles
They are just empty shells
A somber reminder to a happier time

When they came
The people were joyous
the future was promising

But that future was a dream
It saddens all when we hear the
Empty echos

The author's comments:
Mother Russia I love you.

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