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January 27, 2011
By ShadowDancer GOLD, Spokane, Washington
ShadowDancer GOLD, Spokane, Washington
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Slipping silently through the frigid night,
Moonlight, filters through the dense branches above,
Raindrops, fall from the ever-present sky,
She flees into the black abyss.

Her face, Covered in dirty grime,
Lifts, towards the glowing moon,
She pleads for release, sobbing, no one answers,
Losing control of the body she claims as hers,
Muscles clench, stomach rolls
She can feel it now, the pain, is unbearable.

Panting with sudden relief, she turns
Glinting in the darkness is a rain puddle,
Carefully she moves toward it,
Her reflection, yet it is not her reflection,
Slowly she realizes,
She is a wolf.

The author's comments:
This poem is about a girl changing in to a wolf.

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