Love..?? A Lesson??

February 6, 2011
By , seatac, WA
The day she left..was not long ago,
the sorrow expressed because a refusement to let her go,our joy,day by day,
her fleed our sadness,
her presence gone away,
happiness?--it cannot be gained without gladness,
six feet under is what they call it now a' days,
but what they dont feel is the closeness pushed so far away,
i would not call it a lesson to be taught or learned, its a sign of love, to Love more for anothers heart,
you cannot think of your neighbors "exact feeling", but you can love them for there "exact being",
--her smile,a welcoming, so sweet ,
her laugh,a song of comfort,
her personality..a Book well written,
her actions, well thought out,
her feelings, Strong,
her heart, A weapon, A Shield, A Warrior...Her, She, Aunty, Sister, Daughter, Cousin....I Miss You!!

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