Slowing Down

February 6, 2011
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Life is moving faster than speeding through the express lane,
And people fly by, we're living on the borderlands of sane.
And it's okay... we stay up late at night,
Knowing things will be alright,
Can't forget the stress as we're fighting through it all,
But before I even have a chance to fall...
I'm picked back up, set down again, start to run, and I get ready to spin,
Getting dizzy from the stars, before I begin.
Carried away on the thrill in the air,
The riches of life: I'm a millionaire.
It's all speeding by until I find the brakes,
And then that's all it takes.
To breathe. To be. To stop.
And watch the stars- all of them are ours.
Tonight I'll strum my guitar, for them.
My audience of celestial style.
To slow down for a while.
And one day, when I'm sitting, watching everyone else fly by,
Maybe I will catch your eye,
Slow down for a while. Spin under the stars. Make you smile.

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