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Where is my passion/

February 6, 2011
By Posreday94 BRONZE, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Posreday94 BRONZE, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
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Where is my passion, my smile now? Gone.
My passion and smile waned over the years.
Lost in my bitterness
Collapse in my inner shell.
Everyone says life is unfair and now I know why.
Trust is for fools
Cause there's nothing besides lie.
My passion lost in your ruthless lips and eyes.
I turned to my inner darkness,
Fallen into a deep hole of loneliness, still clinging to light.
I lost connection with everything
Now I'm only a body whose means is to survive,
while my soul becomes void.
The emptiness clouds my heart and mind
That just living to get it through with
is my memo now.
Life, trust is pointless and meaningless to me to the point I
don't know true happiness.
My passion isn't here anymore because of them.
Now I love them in vain.
The teachers Don't get it, but they don't see me breaking into pieces
Losing my patience and sanity.
I feel like a trapped bird;
a needle stuck into my throat
*Huff* -- I can't breathe,
This hatred and despair is intoxicating me and killing me each day.
I don't know how much longer I can take this.
Glaring at those who hurt me.
Losing faith in people
Shielding myself in my coat of darkness and loneliness.
My passion is overcome by my negative intensified emotions.
I see Lucifer lending his hand to me,
So I take it to not feel pain or lost anymore
And leave the world of pain
to a world that nothing can't hurt me
Because I won't feel anything, since my soul is destroyed,
So I live in the world of Eternal Void.
My passion rottens
And now it's empty.
Everything is pointless,
So I look for darkness as my only hope.
Me and Lucifer; a void world;my dark existence consumes me.
Now my light is being consumed by my darkness

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