February 6, 2011
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So you broke my heart
And know we’ve nothing left but paper mine is blank
Yours? Rainbow smiles
Snapshot couples
Fly away hair
Mine is blank
So I try to fill it up
With empty words
And empty kisses
But I cannot paint
So there exist no smiles for me
Just fabrications
Of what ought to be
It’s blank
White cat
Snowstorm horses
Remember who I am?
I cannot even discover
Because a bleeding wreck
Bares no resemblance
Why do we walk these lonely roads?
And meet isolated crossroads
From which we can’t turn back
Why do we hope and dream?
Or aspire to that which we cannot have
Why do we not roulette?
Russian, maybe vodka
Half loaded barrel
In our shaking hands
I’m calling now
From rooftops
Of what I once thought could be
These are no trivial pursuits
These games of love
Stakes pilled high
And my stake pierced my heart
A cupid dagger
You strike me down
Why don’t we call?
Vain shouting to summon reaper
Grim tales of childhood love gone bad
I sailed those shores
Only to return to a homeland
Fraught with danger
I ran my ship onto the rocks
And now dance on the decking
With white flag
My heartland is in ruin
But a timeless ruin no doubt
My blank heartland
One simple paper photograph

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