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When I hear rain

February 6, 2011
By KayleeHope GOLD, Jasper, Georgia
KayleeHope GOLD, Jasper, Georgia
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When I hear rain
On a red tin roof
It reminds me of the days
I spent with you
Nestled in our safe little world
You holding me tightly
Talking to our little girl
In my little round stomach
While she moved and you laughed
And I knew I had found you
My unique better half
I couldn't wait to have our child
With eyes so brown
And hair so wild
I remember the day
That my mother's words were mine
I came in the living room
And said "Honey, its time"
You jumped from your seat
In a flurry of scare
And grabbed the bag we had packed
So we'd be prepared
We drove to the hospital
As fast as allowed
And two hours later
Our baby was out
And as I predicted
At least a thousand times
She had my crooked smile
And your dashing brown eyes
We both held our future
So small and so light
And we made her a promise
That she'd have a good life
And now she is almost grown
And ready to soar
Already ready for life on her own
What we created
And who we have made
Became the young woman
That we see today

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