Over It

February 16, 2011
Why can’t I keep myself together?
Why do my skies seem so dark and gray?
Why is it that I feel so empty?
Why do I want to hide everyday?
Why can’t I stand to hear your voice?
Why can’t I talk to you without wanting to cry?
Why do I watch her take you from me,
As all the days go by?

Why do I torment myself,
With the thought of his bright smile?
Why do I break my heart everyday,
Knowing she’s had him all the while?

Why did you let me believe,
That I could ever hold you in my arms?
Why did you let me think,
I’d be with you someday?

You can keep our stupid friendship,
And all our useless little laughs
These memories are lies;
Communication mishaps.

So keep all your sweet words,
All your cute little smiles,
Your soft, silky, beautiful voice,
For which I would have walked miles.

I don’t want to see your anything,
Don’t want to hear anymore of your lies,
But I will, however miss one thing,
Your pure, honest, beautiful eyes.

So I’m working my hardest,
To let go and I won‘t quit,
My battle’s almost over,
Soon I’ll be over it.

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