Friends Over Family?

February 15, 2011
I hate always having to take care of you
I hate always having to protect to from his anger
I hate always getting into trouble for your actions
Your suppose to be the bigger sister
Your suppose to protect and love me
I'm doubting your love towards me
When I fall to the ground with pain
You kick me hard
When your down
I try to gently pick you back up
After I find someone like me
You try to pull them away by destroying them
I am yelled at daily for befriending someone like me
I am yelled at for staying out of your business
I am called a trouble maker
I haven't done anything
I'm trying to stop the constant battle between my friend and my sister
Why am I always the one to be blamed?
Is it because I am not afraid to say this is enough
It's enough of the pain you cause me
It's enough of being chain to you from guilt
As minutes tick by
My love for you fades away
Tomorrow will be the day
Your true colors will so
I'll reveal to everyone your true colors
I love you
But I hate your actions

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