Brillant Ode to History

February 3, 2011
By Hannah_Z. BRONZE, Naperivlle, Illinois
Hannah_Z. BRONZE, Naperivlle, Illinois
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The Brilliant Stories of History
Each set about one great man
The sweated strength that brought us novel
Their cries of war shriek as ghosts warp
Religion, race, language
History utter there is lone one

The Blank Stories of Herstory
Not one whispered in time
Position in silence only baring brood
Each cooking strength for no one
Love, compassion, valor
Herstory does not compare

Make History an instruct kind
Let pupils sit and listen
Wronged men set at highest points
Each gunshot be proclaimed deity
hitler, hussein, josef stalin
History tells the stories

Make Herstory not be heard
Let it fall lower towards the magma crust
When they want to live let us cower
For they do not know words
Eleanor, Keller, Mother Teresa
Herstory tells of nothing

If History were lower
Each man labor for nine months long
At end they leave babe to die
For they no need direction
Mother, Mom, Mommy
History would have no more

If Herstory were higher
War would not be fought
They each ask which way they are going
And have time to talk about
general, colonel, private
Herstory would have no more

Can History ever die?
Man’s power is too great
They can muscle and grow taller
For them bronze is all mighty
football, baseball, wrestling
History will make millions

Can Herstory ever better?
Their gentle will never harden
They are weaker and shrink smaller
Only beauty will distinguish them
Ballet, Gymnastics, Skating
Herstory will owe money

History holds superior
Each smart brain smarter
The creation of guns was great
But bombs was even better
hunter, doctor, hero
History is intelligent

Herstory cascade lower
Each hair uglier then the next
The creation of cookies was dreary
But the Red Cross was yet worst
Gatherer, Nurse, Damsel
Herstory is useless

The Brillant Stories of History
Started when the sun just shone
Never end until the darkness stays
Every man created equal
jesus, muhammad, god
History is all man

The Blank Stories of Herstory
Will never be told
Even when the darkness stays
Their voice is never heard


Herstory is

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