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Childrens poem

February 3, 2011
By rozzz BRONZE, East Grinstead, Other
rozzz BRONZE, East Grinstead, Other
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All was still in the dark dark night,
You couldn’t see anything even with the moonlight.

All was quite , there was no noise not even a note ,
Apart from a man out early in his milk float .

Along walked a man with a newspaper in hand ,
He reached a crossing and stopped to a stand

The morning was awoken with the sound of birdsong,
The men thought it was lovely, but that’s where they were wrong.

The loudest bird was the mean old hawk,
he was so loud all the other birds could not talk!

All the birds could do was moan
And now they cant go out alone,

The hawk was big, the hawk was scary
He was covered in feathers he was defiantly not hairy!

The hawks house was the best,
It was a really really big nest

He also had a huge beak, which he uses with perfect technique .

Whereas the blue tit had a tiny home
There was not space for him to roam,

And his tiny beak , was very weak

The hawk rules the sky
All the other birds can do is cry

The little blue tit was very scared
The huge hawk could eat him if he dared

The little blue tit thought he would have to run away
Before he became the hawks prey

He decided he would have to fight
Just so he could make things alright

Maybe there was a way he could win
And the blue tit let out a grin

The little blue tit had a plan
He would need help from his good friend toucan
This plan would take a little time
It can only be done after the church’s eighth chime

The blue tit and toucan set off to complete there plan
But first they would need a little help from the milkman,

They would need milk to use
So the hawk could not refuse

They would use they milk to make ice cream
And put it down the hawks feathers so he would scream

This surely would make him fly away
But no! they hawk decided to stay

Well this plan has failed
This means there chance has failed

‘no’ said the toucan
we can make a new plan

never give up
its just bad luck

so the birds deiced to mind map,
owl had an idea what a clever chap.

So they set their new plan into action ,
All they needed to do was to find the hawk a distraction .

The friends decided to make a trap
They had to catch hawk when he had his nap

To make the trap they used really strong sticks
And lowered it down with a rope made from toothpicks,

But the hawk was a light sleeper
So the future looked even bleaker

One again the plan had failed
This means there plan had failed

Just when they were about to give up
They raven had a plan what good luck!

And ravens plan was really clever
This plan could take place wherever

All they needed was a light
To give the hawk a big fright

They worked on the plan though the night
And only stopped in the morning light

They plan was to scare the hawk tomorrow evening ,
But now they needed to set up the lighting ,

When the time came around,
the caught the hawk flying southbound .

they used the light to create a shadow
so the blue tit looked huge in the nightglow

this really scared the hawk
he let a huge hawk

after that he ran away
and the hawk was never seen after that day

The author's comments:
childrens poem in the style of the gruffalo

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