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the things people do

February 2, 2011
By YoungAndWriting BRONZE, Chino Hills, California
YoungAndWriting BRONZE, Chino Hills, California
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she has no friends
she told almost no lies
she experiences life in ways you'd be surprised
without a mother she took care of her sister
she lived in a house with a father so bitter

apples to apples
pears to pears
some people go through things you just cant compare
although a fake smile may fool a young mind
her eyes told a story she couldn't just hide
moments of happiness and moments of depression
sometimes all you need a sign of exception

a sign of exception might be a hello
the feeling inside will make you glow
after a hello comes a new level
something she had never experienced before

it started with a hello and turned into a relationship
not any relationship, but a friendship
this friendship grew as large as the ocean to the earth
her heart grew bigger
this was like a rebirth

little by little the girl grew stronger
little by little she was unloved no longer
years and years went as the time passed by
but every hello ends with a goodbye

once again everything was lost
again all alone
school was over and there was nothing to be told
but just that one hello
changed her life
because now she doesn't think about suicide
she doesn't think about doing drugs or ruining her life with the things she does
because just one friend helped her through it all
making more each day they make sure she won't fall

now when she smiles you can tell its not fake
even with all the sacrifices she makes
her heart is big and solid gold
now her sadness is done with its time to start over
but the rest is still untold

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