Our Dance

February 2, 2011
By Anonymous

She nods slightly to me, then offers her hand
So there we are only two of us dancing in the sand

She whispers in my ear, hopes that I hear
Holds me close
Then calls me "Dear"

Surprisingly I don't step on her feet
She never seems to miss a beat
Then I can't help but smile, she tells me to stay awhile
I ask her why, and I can't help but get tounge tied

But still I don't step on her feet
And we sway with the beat

When we part I know I have a whole heart
Once back at home I remember the sand
Wonders if she remembers how the waves were our band

So there we are dancing on the sand, to our band
Seems like forever, couldn't be just whomever
Has to be us two, it's really nothing new
Just us two, dancing on the sand.

And when I walk away all I can feel is the warmth of her hand

The author's comments:
I wrote this for the love of my life, my girlfriend, after I finally accepted that I was gay and not just "kinda gay".

She's the most amazing person ever and yet I can't even bring myself to let her read my work, because her opinion matters...

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