You Are. I am.

February 2, 2011
You are a diamond; I am the rough.
You are a colorful rainbow; I am the gloomy gray sky.
You are an early riser; I am a late arrival.
You are the trustworthiness of loyalty; I am the ridiculousness of falsity.
You are the standout memory that no one forgets; I am the abandoned abyss that no one ever sees.
You are the bright personality that shines everyday; I am the concealed emotional wreck hiding behind my fears.
You are of grace and poise; I am of stumbles and falls.
You are the effort to success; I am the success to failure.
You are the rising to the occasion; I am the downfall of expectations.
You are the gently words of wisdom; I am the clamor of critique.
You are the essence of perfection; I am the soul of flaws, but maybe, just for once, that’s finally enough.

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