To feel alone...

February 2, 2011
By Annie_K PLATINUM, Brentwood, Tennessee
Annie_K PLATINUM, Brentwood, Tennessee
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I keep my heart open wide
Waiting for something to consume it
My eyes are always watching for it to come
My ears are always listening for the sound
I wonder sometimes what it’s like to feel
What it’s like not to feel alone
Sometimes I watch the bright moon
Wishing that it could speak
Only the moon knows all my secrets
She’s the only one that will listen
I like to watch people as they laugh and talk
And I sometimes wish things were different
That I wasn’t so beaten up inside
My emotions are bruised black and blue
And my heart kicked and scratched until it bled
When I see clouds, I feel envious
They have others to float along with
When I see rainbows, I’m jealous
They have other colors to lay along side
I wish I could run free in a field of gold and silver
Letting go of my emotions and allowing them to be blown away in the wind
I want to be happy and feel the grass between my toes
Feel the sunshine on my face
Hear the breeze in my ears
I want to be free
I don’t want to be lonely
Not anymore
Not ever
Take me away…

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