Guardian Lover

February 2, 2011
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I know what you are the second your eyes meet mine,
and i know that you feel that same electric charge.
I blink, my eyes missing you in the fraction of
the second I look away from your brilliance.
You disappear, oh as I expected you to,
just to spontaneously appear at my side.
Oh guardian lover come, take my hand.
Glorious creature, lend me your heart, though I shan't
give it back. How am I to capture such a thing,
have I the right tools to mend? Or shall I destroy
your avian arm further, the same arm that was
trampled by Love's cold feet so many times before
that now doth lay awkward at your side. Let me see.
Oh guardian lover stand, walk to me.
I dream every night of the moment when your
lips bless mine with a kiss, when I'm safe in your arms.
Whisper sweet things into my ears and i will smile.
This love is a familiar love, one that I
feel we have shared before. What lives have you lived with
me? Was I Juliet and you my Romeo?
Oh guardian lover tell me I'm right.
You pull me close, gently placing my hair behind
my ear. Your big brown eyes are lost in mine and I
know that we are meant to be, the adrenaline
that rushes through me as you stroke my curves and speak
of your passion with caressing lips. Such is the
strength of this love, the world has never before seen.
Oh guardian, love me!

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