Memories of You (my cellphone)

February 2, 2011
I remember the day I bought you home like it was yesterday
-- maybe, it was yesterday.
I saw you, in all your manifest,
through the glass display
You were
a man-made blessing, every teenager's dream, beyond perfection
Slick, pocket-sized, curves in the right areas
I was anxious to show off your attractive features to my friends:
touch screen, internet, gps, unlimited texting messaging, and more!
'Expensive' is what your partners label you as,
but I was willing
You were worth more

I didn't believe in love at first sight, 'til I laid my eyes on you
Now you lie there, helplessly
Broken, battered, and abused,
warning me that you would die anytime soon.
I'm looking for my charger and trying to remember where I went wrong.
Memories of ill-treatment
flushed through my mind

I've thrown, I mean, you slipped from me on a number of occasions:
in the snow, on my bed, on the floor, in the sink
My bad

I came to the realization that
You've been there for me,
And you've seen me at me worst:
Angry, annoyed, and argumentative
Sad, disappointed, and tired
And you've seen me at my best
Motivated, determined, and inspired
Satisfied, lively, and at perfect bliss
There's not a moment that you have missed

Standing in the line now,
back to where you came from
I rehearesed the 'It's not you, it's me" excuse in my head;
It was useless
Don't get offended
You served your time
Goodbye, my cellular device.

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