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Shut Up

February 2, 2011
By Anonymous

"You'll never be worth it. You deserve all this pain"
Shut up.
"No one even really likes you. They just put up with you because they feel sorry for you"
Shut up!
"You should stop trying because it's pathetic. That's what you are, pathetic"
Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP!
"Why are you crying!? You have nothing to cry about!"
Please stop.
"Get over yourself. No one cares"
Please, I beg you.
"Why? You know it's true. You don't matter and you never will"
Just stop! Please! I can't take it.
"There's only one way I'll stop. After all, I am you and these are your thoughts"

The author's comments:
So many people are insecure. Question is, when does it cross the line from harmless to torturous?

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