Don't Look Back

February 5, 2011
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Someday I'll look back on you
And regret not everything I did and said
But what I didn't do and what I didn't say

I'll regret that I never told you how your eyes remind me of melted honey
How your smile can make me feel like I'm on a high
Or how I could listen to you talk like I listen to music, never wanting it to end

I'll regret making you believe that I hated you
That you didn't mean a thing to me at all
Because I was a coward and afraid that you would break me

Someday I'll look back on you
And regret not everything I felt and let you see
But what I didn't feel and what I didn't let you see

I'll regret that I never had the chance to feel your lips on mine
To hear you whisper your love for me in the dead of night
Or to carve our name into that old magnolia

I'll regret not being weak in your presence
Not letting you see what was in my heart
Or telling you that you were perfect and I never wanted you to change

But I don't want to have to look back.
I want to know you and love you and see the parts of myself
That I'll have sown into your heart.

Because I love you -- your whole you
And I don't care about making mistakes
So promise to hold my hand
And say you'll never let go

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